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Pat Darby (who is coordinating activities on the library for the Parish Council) has sent through the following on Monday 12th March ….

“Unfortunately there is misinformation on both Facebook and in the press. Having talked to the library manager this morning it is confirmed that the library will continue to open on Wednesday and that Rhymetime will continue on Tuesdays for this month

Please continue to attend the Rhymetime sessions. Unfortunately, because of a post wrongly informed post on Facebook, only 1 person turned up for the session while Susan and Lisa were waiting to hold the session as normal.

Because we showed an interest in running a community led library there is still the possibility of running the library independently with training. I am awaiting information from the library management team.

Also there has been a new announcement that the library can be opened for 3 days a week for the moment. Hence people are very confused!

I will be updating everyone at the next Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 13th March. Please come along and attend the council meeting tomorrow evening for an update about the library.”

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