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We have had a series of press releases from Daventry District Council on the changes to recycling & rubbish collection. They are reproduced in full below.

There is also this handy guide to what goes where… 123Plus Recycling

There will be more details as they are released. Printed information will also be in your copy of “Daventry Calling” which should be delivered by 17th March.

Gearing up for major bin collection changes this summer

People living in Daventry District are encouraged to find out more about major changes to their waste and recycling collections launching this summer.

The new 123+ waste and recycling collection service will start in June 2018, delivered by Daventry Norse, a new joint venture between Daventry District Council (DDC) and Norse Commercial Services Ltd.

From June 2018 households in Daventry District will receive:

  • 1 weekly food waste collection

  • 2 weekly mixed recycling collection in a new blue-lidded wheelie bin

  • 3 weekly general waste black bin collection

  • + Plus an optional 2-weekly garden waste service for an annual fee of £35 a year.

The changes are being introduced as Daventry District cannot afford to carry on with its current waste and recycling service, both environmentally and financially. Changing black bin collections from fortnightly to three-weekly will help encourage more recycling and reduce the money spent on treating and disposing of rubbish.

The Council will also be improving the recycling service to help residents slim their bins, introducing a new wheelie bin for mixed recycling that provides more space over two weeks than the current recycling boxes collected weekly.

It is likely that collection days will change for households from June 2018 in order to introduce the new service arrangements across the District. Further details will be provided to all households nearer to the time, including an information pack and new calendar.

A series of public awareness exhibitions and roadshows are also being planned to take place across the district this spring – further details to be published soon.

Further information on the new service is being issued to homes as part of the Coucil’s spring Daventry Calling residents’ magazine and people can also learn more about the changes, including a series of FAQs, on the Council’s website at daventrydc.gov.uk/binchanges.

Daventry District Council’s Environment Portfolio Holder Councillor Jo Gilford said: “These changes to our District’s bin collections this summer are considerable yet crucial.

“We need to do more to increase recycling rates and we cannot afford to keep the status quo of the current collection service as the cost would effectively double.

“The three-weekly black bin collection will support our goals to improve our environment by encouraging more people to recycle as much of their waste as possible.

“We understand some residents will be concerned about whether they will cope with an extra week between collections. However we are confident that the improved recycling service and weekly food waste collections will really help people to slim their black bins.”

Norse Commercial Services Group Director of Operations Mark Emms said: “Norse is delighted to be in partnership with Daventry District Council and is working hard in planning the re-design and delivery of these important front line services to local residents. We are busy investing in new vehicles, equipment and system design to allow local teams to deliver the 123+ changes to household refuse and recycling schedules that will start to improve recycling performance from June.”

New wheelie bin to improve recycling collections

Households in Daventry District will receive a new wheelie bin to help them recycle even more of their waste as part of the new 123+ Collection Service.

From June, the current weekly red and blue recycling box collections will be replaced with a new, blue-lidded recycling bin that will be collected fortnightly. Residents will no longer need to sort their recyclables as they can all be placed in the bin mixed together, including large cardboard.

The new wheelie bin gives residents more space for their recycling over two weeks than the current weekly box collections and will be delivered to homes ahead of the new collections starting in June. Residents should continue to use their recycling boxes until then.

Daventry District Council’s Environment Portfolio Holder Jo Gilford said: “We’ve shaped the new service after listening to residents about the issues they currently have with their recycling boxes, such as items getting wet or blown away in bad weather and being unable to recycle large cardboard. The new wheelie bin not only resolves these issues but makes it easier for residents to recycle by giving them more space for items that they will no longer have to sort and separate for collection.

“Our residents already do a great job recycling their waste and we hope the new service will encourage these efforts further.”

New Recycling Service – FAQs

Why is the Council changing recycling collections from weekly to fortnightly?

By replacing the smaller boxes with a larger wheelie bin which can take mixed recyclables, we hope this will encourage more people to recycle. The wheelie bin provides an extra 40 litres of space for recyclables over two weeks than the blue and red boxes collected weekly.

Can I still recycle the same things?

Yes, you will still be able to recycle the same things and you will also now be able to add large cardboard. You also no longer need to sort your recyclables first as all recycling can be placed into the wheelie bin together.

Can I still use my red and blue recycling boxes?

No – when the new service starts you will no longer be able to use your recycling boxes – this is due to the new way that recycling will be collected by recycling crews at the kerbside.

The Council does not intend to collect your red and blue boxes after the switchover.

However once they have been washed out, the boxes have a range of different uses including storage in the garden, home, shed or garage – they can also make great raised flower beds and planters and could even be converted into composters.

Home composting offer exclusive to Daventry District residents

Composting bins are being offered at bargain prices to residents wishing to recycle their garden waste at home as an alternative to this summer’s new collection service.

Daventry District Council has teamed up with the Northamptonshire Waste Partnership and getcomposting.com to offer a limited number of home composting bins for only £9.99 each including delivery (usually £17.98 plus £5.99 delivery).

The black 220-litre bins are available at getcomposting.com – type in your postcode for the offer – or call 0844 571 4444.

There are also other offers on the website exclusively for Northamptonshire residents, including a special ‘buy one get one half price’ offer on some bins – ideal for people with larger gardens or who want to team up with a friend or neighbour.

Getcomposting also has some special offers on a range of other items including water butts and other accessories.

Why compost?

• It’s easy to make and easy to use.

• It’s a free continual source of the very best compost.

• Improves soil structure, PH balance and moisture

• Helps your plants grow

• Reduces carbon emissions and the need for polluting bonfires

• Lessens organic waste from landfill and reduces refuse collection costs

For more information on recycling in Northamptonshire visit : http://www.recyclefornorthamptonshire.co.uk/

Daventry Norse environmental services

The 123+ waste and recycling collections are the first changes to be introduced under a new environmental services venture for Daventry District.

Daventry District Council (DDC) and Norse Commercial Services have entered into a
10-year agreement to work together in a joint services venture, called Daventry Norse. The partnership will launch on 4 June, 2018, immediately after the Council’s current environmental services contract with Enterprise/Amey ends.

Norse Commercial Services Ltd is owned by Norfolk County Council and already provides services with 15 other local authorities, including Wellingborough. Under the new contract, the Council and Norse will share ownership and control of the joint venture to deliver, shape and improve the following frontline services:

  • Waste and recycling collections for households and businesses

  • Street cleaning – litter picking and street sweeping on public roads and paths, emptying litter and dog bins

  • Grounds maintenance, such as cutting grass and maintaining trees, bushes on roadsides and Council land and maintaining play equipment

  • Clearing fly-tipping and removing graffiti in public areas

  • Maintaining Daventry Country Park

  • Operating Daventry Market and public toilets in Daventry town centre

  • Preparing burial plots.

The Daventry Norse venture will also involve significant investment in facilities and equipment for environmental services, including a new fleet of vehicles, machinery and equipment and the redevelopment of the environmental depot and offices at High March Daventry.

The new-look 123+ collection service was agreed by the Council in July 2016 following public consultation and a wide-ranging review of future waste and recycling options launched in summer 2015.

About Norse Commercial Services

  • Started in 1990, Norse Commercial Services is a £200 million turnover company, employing over 10,000 people across England and Wales, and enjoying the long-term financial security of a £2billion+ forward order book.

  • The company operates 15 joint ventures with local authorities and provides contract services direct to a wide range of public and private sector clients. Through its unique and powerful combination of public sector ethos and commercial flair, it has built a reputation for cost efficiency, quality and innovation in service delivery.

  • In the last five years alone Norse has saved the public purse over £70million, whilst helping to protect front line services, provide job security and generate much needed income for financially stretched local authority partners.

  • Norse is committed to responsible business and to thinking about how the services it delivers can improve economic, social and environmental well-being. The Norse Way is the Group’s social responsibility strategy is shaped around what matters most to our staff, the business, and wider society and includes strengthening communities, improving skills, being dementia friendly and kind to the environment, buying locally and sustainably and shaping everything we do according to our four values – Quality, Innovation, Respect and Trust.

  • Norse provides services including Facilities Management, Cleaning, Catering, Environmental, Waste Collection, Transport, Building Maintenance, Care Equipment, Engineering, Printing, Grounds Maintenance and Security.

Annual charge for garden waste collections this summer

Garden waste collections in Daventry District will become an optional, chargeable service for residents this summer.

Households wishing to continue having their brown bin collected each fortnight from June 2018 will need to sign up for the service and pay an annual fee of £35.

The new arrangements are part of the new 1-2-3+ Collection Service being introduced by Daventry District Council and its new environmental services partner Daventry Norse.

The charge is being introduced as the Council can no longer afford to collect garden waste on a free-of-charge basis. Councils are not required by law to collect garden waste free of charge and not everyone uses the service. Making it self-funding will enable the service to continue for only those who want it. As a non-essential, opt-in service, it will not be paid for by the Council Tax.

The new service will start on 4 June and residents are encouraged to sign up for the service in advance.

Residents can register for the service from 3 April at daventrydc.gov.uk/gardenwaste or call 0345 218 5215. They can also request an email reminder on the website.

Further information on the new service will be sent to households this month as part of the DDC’s spring Daventry Calling magazine and alongside the annual Council Tax mailing.

Daventry District Council’s Environment Portfolio Holder Councillor Jo Gilford said: “The plain truth is that in the current challenging financial climate, we can no longer afford to collect garden waste free of charge.

“Garden waste is not something that councils are required by law to collect free of charge, and not everyone uses the service, so by charging a small annual fee we will be able to keep the collections going for those who still wish to have them.

“This change takes us in line with around 50% of councils nationally that now operate a chargeable garden waste service.”

New Garden Waste Service – FAQs

How much does the service cost and how often is it?

The annual subscription costs £35 per bin, which runs from June 2018 until the end of May 2019. Collections take place fortnightly with a small break over Christmas, equating to £1.40 per collection over the year.

How and when do I sign up?

You can register from 3 April at daventrydc.gov.uk/gardenwaste.

Here you can also request an email alert to remind you to sign up.

You should sign up for the service before it begins on 4 June. The annual charge of £35 per bin does not change if you join after this date.

I don’t want the service.

This is an opt-in service so you only pay if you wish to use it. If you do not wish to sign up, you may like to consider home composting or taking your garden waste to your local household waste recycling centre. We would not advise you put it in your black bin, as it will not be recycled. It will also quickly fill up your black bin, which will be collected every three weeks.


I don’t need the service – will you collect my old brown bin?

Yes. Once you have decided you are definitely not going to subscribe to the garden waste service please contact us and we will arrange to collect your old bin. You can do so by emailing Escsupervisors@daventrydc.gov.uk.

How will you know I have joined the service?

All homes that sign up will receive a registration sticker to put on their brown bin. Bins that do not show the sticker will not be emptied.

Can I share a bin with a neighbour?

Yes, if you wish to share, then one of you will need to pay the charge and you can arrange between yourselves how you split the use of the bin.

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4 Responses to DDC On Recycling Changes

  1. A Clarke says:

    Such a shame. Another example of an authority not listening to the people they serve, charging more for less and simply not getting the basics right.

  2. Brian Hedges says:

    If we don’t want the garden waste service, where can I dispose of the unwanted brown wheelie bin?

    • johnwillimas says:

      Good question. I’ve asked DDC….

      • johnwillimas says:

        And here is their response….

        What do I do if I don’t want the garden waste service?

        This is an opt-in service so you only pay if you wish to use it. If you do not wish to sign up, you may like to consider home composting or taking your garden waste to your local household waste recycling centre. You can put it in your black bin, but we would not advise this as it will not be recycled.

        I don’t need the service – will you collect my old brown bin?

        Yes. Once you have decided you are definitely not going to subscribe to the garden waste service please contact us and we will arrange to collect your old bin. You can do so by emailing Escsupervisors@daventrydc.gov.uk.

        I’ll add these to their FAQ’s

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