Play Area Problems

The saucer swing in the Ryfields Play Area has sadly been vandalised.

The estimates that we have for repair suggest it will cost at least £3000 – the support strut has been broken off at the base, as you can see. The Council does not have the funding for that this year or in the budget for next year either. So, at the moment, we do not know how or when it is likely to be fixed.

It has been made safe temporarily until we know what to do about it but in the meantime should not be used.

Kay Coles (Chair of Parish Council) wishes to pass on her thanks to all those that have come forward with offers of help. There are difficulties because of the Parish’s public liability insurance means they must use qualified installers but Kay is very grateful for everyone’s support.


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2 Responses to Play Area Problems

  1. Guy says:

    Mindless morons! Why damage a kids play area?

  2. Debbie Howe says:

    How very sad that people think it is OK to ruin something good for others. Karma will catch up!

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