January 2018 WOW

Next edition of What’s On In Woodford (WOW) is coming soon.

A new edition is planned for the end of January. That means the absolute deadline for items you’d like to have included is Sunday January 14th.

So, if you want to update the list of contacts, provide an update on your local society or announce an event, make sure you get the details in on time.

Copy can be sent by email to wow.woodford@gmail.com or you can provide paper copy to Top To Toe in Station Road or to Rebecca & Paul Hymers at 12 Farndon Road.

(If you’ve lost your copy, the last one is available here.)

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2 Responses to January 2018 WOW

  1. Mrs Susan invernizzi says:

    Hallo! I used to be the distributor of WOW for Rowan Way, until it suddenly stopped. I was told yesterday, that’s it’s in production again, but have not been contacted! So have googled and found the website, which I didn’t know existed! Is Rowan Way now expected to use the Internet, or may we please have printed copies again? I’m willing to distribute!

    • johnwillimas says:

      Glad you found the web site but you should have received the last copy of the WOW (it’s available here) delivered to you. At the moment, I believe the WOW team are using a professional distributor to deliver the next edition of the WOW (should be out soon) but I’ll pass on your name to Gill Pitt who’s organising this as she may need extra help in future.

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