Woods Memorial Glade

One of the ideas put forward soon after it was suggested that the Parish should buy the  Woodland was to create a remembrance area, a Memorial Glade. This would be especially to remember the lives of those that worked on the railway but for all of Woodford, Hinton and West Farndon too.

Peter Deverill has been working with a number of Committee members on proposals for this. At last night’s meeting, he outlined plans to set aside an area to the south of the Station Road – Coop path. This would be created as a quiet space and would have seating, a place where memorial plaques could be put and an area where, with prior approval, ashes can be scattered. The area was cleared of scrub as part of the recent work carried out in the Woodland.

The Committee agreed that he should proceed with a detailed plan, identifying a source for trees to be planted, seating, fencing to separate the glade from the path and for managing the placing of memorial plaques, etc.  The group will also talk to local faith groups to ensure their needs are met.

If anyone has ideas that they feel should be incorporated in the plan, the Committee members can be reached using the email address theteam@greatcentralwoodland.org.

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  1. Kate Smith says:

    l think that’s a lovely idea there are still railway people living in the village unfortunately lots sadly not with us anymore. Maybe a wooden Gazebo or metal ( so it can’t be burnt down) then memorial plaques could be added. My Dad was a railway man and l would like to add a plaque. the gazebo would also be a nice place to sit especially in the colder months or a wet day.

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