Police Alert

Meeting Planned for November

At Tuesday’s meeting of the Parish Council it was decided that a public meeting is needed to discuss future policing in the village.

The costs of PCSO support and the services provided are likely to change dramatically and the Parish Council wants to be sure that it has the views of the village on this and the possible impact on your Council Tax before any decision is made.

A meeting will take place in November. Watch out for details of date, time, and location here on the Village Signpost.

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3 Responses to Police Alert

  1. Charles herald says:

    We need more police presence in this village I don think we deserve to have to pay more to the parish council considering the amount of community charge levied against us it should be our right to security

    • johnwillimas says:

      Hopefully the meeting will explain the options and what the Police are asking for. I don’t think the Council likes the fact that they are being asked to pay more but if it what the village wants, the only place it can come from is council tax. That’s why a meeting is needed.

    • Carol says:

      Thing is how many do we need and when, where, what, times .. 1 police officer cant be in more than one place at a time..The Village is expanding at a crazy rate. Ok we don’t have a high crime rate at the moment compared to other places but it stands to reason the more people move to the village, the more crime rate may go up. I agree with the comment about extra charges..but saying that what value do we put on our safety, our property safety..

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