More on the Post Office

The Signpost has been asked to make it clear that the idea of moving the Post Office from its current location did not come from the current staff.

Dipika and her team are keen that it should continue operating as it does now.

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8 Responses to More on the Post Office

  1. Liz Lusby says:

    Dipake and her team are brilliant and provide the community with a wonderful service. The present building could easily be renovated to provide a larger counter area with a modern look. When will we learn to appreciate the people who have served us wholeheartedly for many years. There is absolutely no parking now for Popsons chemist and gym and if the post office moved it would become an nightmare.

  2. Charles herald says:

    I think the post office should stay as it is but if the powers that be insist on relocation What about the presently refurbished property next door to the beauty salon just passed popsons

  3. patricia evans says:

    I do not understand why the Post Office cannot update the present site.If the counter is a small as the one in Byfield Co op when it moves to Popsons it will not be an improvement at all.

  4. Rachel A says:

    Would be better where the other shops are, but leave it where it is if not

  5. Kate Smith says:

    continue where it currently is please. It’s a very busy post office.

  6. David Rich says:

    To remain in the current was said previously ,the village is expanding and the current facility should remain to cater for the influx..

  7. sian says:

    leave where it is

  8. Charles herald says:

    Village is growing at an alarming rate 250 houses. They say, post office needs to be bigger not smaller to be able tolerate them

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