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Here’s a bulletin with an update on what’s been going on from the Woods Committee. Don’t forget you can stay in touch with all the latest Woods news here on the Signpost (follow the link to the Management Committee for a list of all news items relating to the Woods) or you can come to the Woodland Management Committee  meetings (watch the events page for dates) which are open to all.

New Signs Planned

We want to make sure that everyone knows the woodland area is owned by the community for the community. Signs are being produced to go at the main entrance points highlighting the land’s railway heritage and asking people to use the Woodland in a way that allows all to enjoy it.

Litter Pick

Litter in the Woodland continues to be a problem but we are going to have a community litter pick to help reduce the rubbish before the winter. This will take place on September 30th – all volunteers are welcome. (See our separate post)

Footpath Works & Drainage

Improving footpath surfaces and drainage remains an aim. We’ve added wooden access decking at the Station Road entrance to solve crossing the muddy area there.

Kids Story Circle

We want the woodland to be a place where parents and groups can help children enjoy their natural surroundings. The Story Circle (see details here) is our first step in that.

Memorial Area

It is proposed that part of the Woodland is set aside as a “Memorial Glade”, an area for quiet contemplation and to allow the scattering of ashes, especially for those with a connection to the railway. The current plan is to use an area to the south of the Station Road-Coop path for this.

Tree Management

Running a wood is like painting the Forth Bridge, the work never stops. After the first round of felling trees that were considered unsafe, there is a long term plan for managing the Woodland that we are producing for the Forestry Commission approval. More details will appear on the Signpost.

Safety & Emergency Hotline

Because the Woodland is a living thing, problems can arise at any time. The Committee now has the support of Barry Mansell of BM Landscaping for emergency tree clearance and we have an emergency email address: hazards@greatcentralwoodland.org.

Woods Committee

The next meeting of the Woods Committee is on September 27th. Everyone is welcome to attend. Watch out for the agenda and details here on the Signpost.

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  1. Denise Hulme says:

    The wooded area at the bottom is still filling with water and mud but just before it so it hasn’t solved the problem unfortunately.

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