Neighbourhood Plan

This notice is sent on behalf of Rob Snedker & The Woodford Halse Neighbourhood Development Plan Strategy Team.

It was also the content of an email to local businesses, organisations and others affected by the plan.

Please find below links to the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) and additional documents, as submitted to Daventry District Council. Daventry District Council have commenced their consultation. Details are available here: Neighbourhood Development Plans & DDC.

The main document which is called the Regulation 16 Submission Consultation Draft, July 2017. It is the final version of the plan which you have watched develop and to which many of you have contributed. You have all seen this in its various versions.

The second set of documents are is the SEA (Stategic Environmental Assessment), (which was produced by the Daventry District Council), the Basic Conditions Statement, which explains the rules or core principles used to write the plan, and the Consultation Statement which describes the journey that the neighbourhood development plan team, and the village, have been on as they wrote the Neighbourhood Development Plan. (The Consultation Statement includes comments on the Parish Council response and action to each of the points raised in the first round of consultation).

The third set of documents are the consultation list documents of local businesses, local organisations and other bodies which show the people and organisations who have been kept informed during our journey. These lists have been updated as we went along and the circulation of this email represents the latest version of these lists. This email is also circulated to all those that commented during the original “Regulation 14” consultation phase in 2016. Many thanks to all for the input received.

I hope that you all find these documents interesting and accurate but, rest assured that, even after the Neighbourhood Development Plan is made, it will be essential to keep it current and relevant and therefore it is subject to constant modification.These documents are also accessible via the Woodford Halse Village Signpost Village Plan Consultation page.

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