Woodland Nature

There’s a lot to see in our woodland. We’ve just carried out a wild-life survey and we have been cataloguing the various trees as part of creating the long term Management Plan for the woodland.

A Goldfinch, one of our woodland birds.

We thought you’d like to see a list of the trees, animals and birds that have been spotted in the woodland.

Find it here:  Woodland Nature

Over time we hope to expand this part of the Signpost with more detail about the woodland’s natural resources.

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4 Responses to Woodland Nature

  1. Peter says:

    We have new houses (& roads), wouldn’t it be helpful to post the new road names on signpost site so that we can advise “lost” delivery drivers where these new road names are.

  2. Brian Hedges says:

    Can’t believe that there isn’t a starling isn’t on the list.

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